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How does it work?

After purchasing a crime trail, you will receive a crime file of the corresponding trail with the description of the case, the evidence found, the mission as well as some suspects and a situation map with the living, working and leisure places of the suspects.

Afterwards, you will visit the crime scene and, in an order that you determine yourself, the places of residence, work and leisure of the possible perpetrators. At these locations, you will receive further clues – either via text message or by assigning evidence to the corresponding locations – that will allow you to exclude suspects or locate the perpetrator.

Once you have solved the case, you enter the name of the perpetrator on the web page To do this, you will need the warrant code, which you will receive at the time of purchase. You will find the code in the purchase confirmation email you received. Once you have entered the warrant code and the name of the suspected perpetrator on our website, you will find out whether you were on the right trail and successfully solved the crime case.

Where can I purchase a Crime-Trail?

The crime trails can be purchased via the website With the purchase you will receive a download link, which you can then use to download the crime file. You can either print out the crime file or open it on your smartphone. We recommend to print it out. Only playing with a smartphone is not recommended due to the small display.

How much does a Crime-Trail costs?

Participation in a “crime trail” costs 25 euros for a group of up to five people. Together with the crime file, you will receive a warrant code. You will need this code to convict the perpetrator at the end of the crime tour and to solve the crime trail. If you are traveling in a larger group, you will have to solve additional crime files in steps of 5 in order to participate.

I have a voucher, how can I redeem it?

To redeem a voucher, first place the desired crime tour in the shopping cart. Then enter your voucher code in the voucher field in the shopping cart and confirm with the button “Redeem voucher”. The voucher value will be taken off the shopping cart value and displayed accordingly. You can then complete your booking by filling out and confirming the order form on the following page.

What do I need to participate in Crime-Trail

  1. A cell phone with internet access and the possibility to write SMS to get further clues.
  2. The crime file and a pen.
  3. Your arrest warrant code, so that you can convict the perpetrator at the end.

Do I have to visit the locations in a specific order?

At the beginning of a crime trail, you first have to visit a crime scene. From there, you then visit the home, work and leisure locations of the possible perpetrators in a self-determined order. You should definitely visit all of the locations, since unexpected twists and turns can arise that may or may not be important for the solution of the case.

Do I have to solve the crime-trail in a given time frame?

The given time frame is only a guideline for the planning of your crime investigation. The goal is not to complete the investigation as quickly as possible. You will plan the time on your own. You can pause and resume the investigation at any time. It doesn’t matter whether you want to complete the investigation in 2 hours, a whole day or over several days. The pace is entirely up to you. The crime tour ends with the identification and conviction of the perpetrator.

What do I need the warrant code for?

The crime trails are designed for people aged 12 and older and are ideal as a group experience and team event with friends, acquaintances and/or work colleagues. Some experience in puzzling is also helpful. We recommend group sizes of no more than 5 people. For more participants, we recommend buying several crime files so that you can also play against each other.

How can I convict the perpetrator and check whether I was right?

Once you have solved the case, you enter the name of the perpetrator on the web page To do this, you will need the warrant code, which you will receive at the time of purchase.

How much is a SMS

On our crime trails you have to send about 10-15 SMS with code words to get more clues about the case. The cost of the SMS depends on the cost of your mobile provider. The reply SMS with the clues to solve the case that you receive from us are free of charge for you.

Is a reservation or advance booking necessary?

The crime trails do not require pre-registration. Just buy the crime file in our online store, find the crime scene mentioned in the crime file and you’re ready to go.

Will I be accompanied by a guide or game leader on the crime trail?

No, there is no guide or game leader. The crime trails can be done independently and on your own. Everything you need to know can be found on the crime file. You will receive further hints on how to solve the case via message during the game.

What age are the crime trails suitable for?

The trails are designed for ages 12 and older and are great as a group experience and team event with friends, acquaintances and/or work colleagues. Some experience in puzzling is also helpful. We recommend group sizes of no more than 5 people. If there are more participants, we recommend solving several crime files, then the crime trails can also be completed as a competition against each other.

For families with younger children we recommend our detective trails, the puzzle tours with Detective Badger. More info at

Can the crime trails also be played against each other?

If the crime trail is completed as a competition against each other, one person will be in charge of the game. The groups competing against each other (max. 5 people per group) all meet at the crime scene at an agreed time. Only there the groups receive the crime file of the corresponding criminal case by the game leader (all receive the same case). Each group must buy a crime file in advance so that each group has its own warrant code. The groups then read into the case independently and begin to solve the criminal case. In doing so, the groups can determine the order in which the possible perpetrators’ homes, workplaces, and recreational areas are to be visited; as a result, the groups will also be relatively spread out. The groups are only asked to return to the game leader at the crime scene after solving the case. Only there will the alleged perpetrator be convicted with the arrest warrant code. If the solution is correct, the time is stopped for the group. If the solution is wrong, the group is automatically in last place. The group that finds the correct perpetrator in the shortest time wins.

Can the crime trails be played on Christmas and New Year's Day or between the holidays?

The crime trails are also open and can be played on Christmas and New Year, as well as the days between the holidays. However, please observe the distance and contact regulations that apply in your region. You will only be investigating in the fresh air, you do not have to enter any stores and you will only be in contact with us virtually. As usual, you can start the investigation at any time and without prior notice.

If you have any questions or problems, you can reach us daily – also on holidays – between 9 am and 5 pm at
Happy holidays!