Crime-Trail Cologne: Kidnapping at “Südstadt”


At 7 o’clock in the morning, a report arrives at the police headquarters: Carla von Planta reports that her daughter Anna has been kidnapped. She refers to an SMS she received from her daughter Anna’s cell phone: “Anna has been kidnapped, she’s fine. Further instructions will follow. Attached to the SMS was a picture of her daughter Anna, sitting at a table, tied to a chair. Who kidnapped Anna?
Now the police in cologne needs your help.

Duration: 1:30 – 2:00

Note: Unit price is valid for a group of max. 5 persons.


On the crime trail in Cologne you slip into the role of an investigator and try to solve the mysterious disappearance of Anna Thomas. To solve the case, download the “crime file” of the Cologne crime trail on this page: This includes the description of the crime case, the presentation of the suspects and an overview of the evidence found at the crime scene.

You decide for yourself which tracks you want to follow first and thus determine the order yourself. From place to place the evidence can be clearer, as further hints are added. But beware: things that are clear at the beginning become unclear later or vice versa. The person for whom evidence fits, who has a motive and no watertight alibi, is the perpetrator.

We hope you enjoy the investigation work!



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