Crime-Trail Freiburg: Corpse discovery at Bermudadreieck


An einem regnerischen Sonntagmorgen wird im “Bermudadreieck” in Freiburg, die Leiche von Daniela Kaufmann gefunden. Die Tote liegt in einer Blutlache, am Kopf hat sie eine Platzwunde. Alles deutet auf einen Mord hin. Daniela Kaufmann ist Professorin im Bereich Städtebau und Stadtplanung. Bisher konnten keine Zeugen gefunden werden, die die Tat beobachtet haben.

Dauer: 2:30 – 3:00

Start: Universitätsstraße 15, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Hinweis: Stückpreis gilt für eine Gruppe von max. 5 Personen.


On the crime trail in Freiburg, you slip into the role of an investigator and try to solve the case of a found corpse in the famous, notorious area called Bermudadreieck. To solve the case, download the “Crime Files” of the Freiburg Crime Trail on this page: These are the description of the criminal case, the presentation of the suspects and a summary of the evidence found at the crime scene.

You decide for yourself which traces you would like to follow first and thus determine the order independently. From place to place, the evidence can become clearer as further clues are added. But be careful: Things that are clear at the beginning will later become unclear or vice versa. The person with whom evidence fits, who has a motive and no watertight alibi, is the perpetrator.

We wish you a lot of fun during the investigation!


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