Surprise your visitors

Would you like to have your own trail?

Would you like to attract additional tourists to your destination or offer residents and existing guests an additional (paid) experience? Or are you a company celebrating an anniversary or looking for an idea for an original product launch?
We will be happy to create a Crime-Trail for you.

The Crime-Trail will be implemented in the design and concept of the Crime-Trail by MyCityHighlight. The participants visit several locations (where the suspects live, work and spend their leisure time) and receive valuable tips there that will help you find the perpetrator. We do not use any additional buildings, we only work with information already available at the respective locations. Therefore no building permits are necessary.
You are entitled to a logo presence and can refinance yourself indirectly by selling the product directly or by generating additional revenue (e.g. ticket sales).

Advantage: By working together, you make use of existing advertising and sales channels.

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