Note about the current situation:

Dear crime fans in Germany and Austria,

since you do not have to touch any objects on our trails to solve the puzzles and the crime stories are played exclusively in the fresh air, you can investigate on our crime trails in the moment. However, please be sure to keep distance and contact restrictions that apply nationwide or regionally and do not make any trips to another city to play a crime trail there. All tours already purchased remain valid and can also be done at a later date.

Hot tip: Since our trails remain valid, it’s a good idea to give crime fiction fans a gift voucher. Crime thriller hearts will beat faster!

Stay healthy and see you soon,
Your Crime Trails Team

Crime Trails – the outdoor game for crime fans and hobby detectives

Crime Trails are a crime adventure for crime fans and hobby detectives. You take over the investigative work and search for clues. On the crime tour, you check alibis, motives and try to assign the evidence to the suspects. In the end, you have to make a decision and try to convict the perpetrator.

On a crime trail, you decide which tracks you want to follow first. You determine the time and the order in which you visit the locations. From one investigation location to the next, the evidence will become more solid as more clues are added. The person suspected of the crime who has a motive, no watertight alibi and where you can assign evidence to him or her, is the perpetrator of the crime tour.

Crime-Trails in different cities and regions.

Crime Trails can be found in numerous cities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You can find an overview on 

That’ s what you need to complete a crime trail:

• A cell phone with an Internet connection. You’ll also need to send text messages while you’ re on the road to get more clues.
• The crime file
• The warrant code that you received by e-mail along with your order confirmation. You can use it to convict the perpetrator.

No pre-registration necessary 

The investigation work on the crime trails can be started without prior registration and completely independently. Simply book the chosen crime trail here, go to the scene of the crime make some trouble for the criminal community.


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