Crime-Trail Berlin: Art theft at Gleisdreieck


On a Friday, pictures of the draftswoman and astute cartoonist Julia Nowicka were stolen from a warehouse at “Park am Gleisdreieck”. The works were stored here for an exhibition in the Bergmannkiez district. Since only a few people knew about the exhibition, it was not a big risk. At least they thought…

Who has stolen the artworks?
The investigative office needs your help!

Duration: 2:30 – 3:00

Start: Park am Gleisdreieck, check out the map on the crime-file (Received by mail after purchasing the tour)


Take over the investigation on the crime trail in Berlin and try to solve the art theft at Gleisdreieck. To solve the case, download the “Crime-File” of the Berlin Crime Trail on this page: This includes a description of the crime case, the presentation of the suspects and an overview of the evidence found at the crime scene.

You decide for yourself which tracks you want to follow first and thus determine the order independently. From location to location the evidence can become more and more solid as further hints are added. But be careful: Things that are clear at the beginning will later become unclear or vice versa. The person to whom evidence can be assigned, who has a motive and no watertight alibi, is the perpetrator.

We wish you a lot of fun with the investigation work!


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