Crime-Trail Hamburg: Murder at Karolinenviertel


The dead body of Barbara Ingold, a business administration student, was found in an apartment in the popular district “Karolinenviertel”. The dead woman is lying in blood and has a wound on her head. All evidence indicates a murder.

Duration:  2:30- 3:00


On the crime trail in Hamburg you slip into the role of an investigator and try to solve the mysterious murder of Barbara Ingold. To solve the case, download the “crime file” of the Hamburg crime trail on this page: These include the description of the crime case, the presentation of the suspects and an overview of the evidence found at the crime scene.

You decide for yourself which leads you want to follow first and thus determine the order yourself. From place to place the evidence can become clearer, as further hints are added. But be aware: things that are clear at the beginning become unclear later or vice versa. The person for whom evidence fits, who has a motive and no watertight alibi, is the perpetrator.

Have fun investigating!


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